Stand Strength Powerbuilding

  • 5 Signs of a Good Personal Trainer

    It’s the new year, many people are going to either start training or start taking their training more seriously.As a result, gyms are going to be m...
  • The Novice Compendium

    If you want 3 FREE program templates for Size and Strength Training, click on the link(s) below and save a copy to your drive or desktop. CLICK HER...
  • Time Under Tension is a Waste of Time

    We like distractions from the hard truth about optimal size and strength training, you have to work hard, be patient, and then work even harder. Time under tension is one of the many buzzwords that trendy trainers with no real substance use that does more harm than good. In this article, you will see the flaw of time under tension and learn how to actually view and understand the concept for it to yield positive results.
  • Stand Strength Novice Powerbuilding Program

    Most novice programs suck. They lack variety or have too much, they adhere to powerlifting dogma, and they fail to give lifters a way forward after the program stops working. This program is meant to introduce the novice to the idea that a lot of things work and then provide them with a framework they can use to experiment for best results.
  • Stand Strength Modified Fierce 5 Program

    The link below gives you access to the Fierce 5 Novice Program I modified. Let me know how it goes for you. Included in the spreadsheet is a 1RM ca...