Who Am I?

Karel Saquing is a Certified Personal Trainer, Online Coach and US Army Veteran with over 5 years of coaching experience, helping over 50 clients reach their strength, health, and fitness goals. His background ranges in recreational powerlifting, bodybuilding, and endurance training.

Fitness has played a significant role in his life since losing over 100 lbs as a teenager. The nuances and deceptive marketing of the fitness industry is enough to confuse and prevent people from reaching their fittest self. It is his passion to help others navigate the way forward in the development of strength and fitness.

At 23 years old, Karel has worked as a trainer in two clubs serving over 1000 members each. He has accomplished an unofficial Powerlifting total of 1.200 lbs, and completed multiple endurance races ranging from 5k to 12k.

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