Personalized Training Program

Personalized Training Program

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Why so expensive?

I have a YouTube channel that puts out all of my training philosophy for FREE. Learning to program for yourself is a worthwhile endeavor that will save you hundreds of dollars and many hours in the long run.

Go to "stand strength" on YouTube for free information to make your own program.

If you still want me to make you a program,

That is alright, I understand some people are busy or are in "paralysis by analysis" mode because they struggle to have an objective eye for what is most appropriate for them.


Sometimes all you need is training guidance. With this service you get a custom workout program tailored to your goals and micro-coaching.

Programs take about 48-72 hours to complete. Included in the process is:

  1. A full questionnaire to make educated and personalized training decisions for you
  2. A custom document PDF and spreadsheet outlining the program
  3. A video explaining the program
  4. A follow up call to answer questions and finalize the program together
  5. MICRO-COACHING: You will have the ability to message me directly, send form videos, and ask questions once a week.

Communication is done via Telegram and e-mail.